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Operation Resilience

A Collaborative Platform to Streamline Humanitarian Efforts. Powered by You.

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Crore Indians suffer every year
from disasters and indifference.
We can change that.
What trended more on internet than
“Bihar Floods 2017” that affected 10 Million people?

a tournament
210x MORE

a movie
25x MORE

a murder
12x MORE

a controversy
Our mission is to empower everyone to play a part in disaster
relief - in transparent, coordinated and efficient manner.

​We do this by helping coordinate disaster relief across
organisations, gov't agencies and civilians at a national level.​

(as NGO partner, Corporate Partner or Individual)
India’s first Collaborative Disaster response platform that Crowdsourcess aid for India’s best Response agencies on ground..
4 ways your organisation can act:
Mobilise Volunteers
Leverage Assets
Recruit Volunteers from your network to the platform's Facebook Chat Bot to spread the message when disaster strikes
Help publicise the Platform via your email list, Facebook page or website during disaster
Integrate disaster response updates to your media website
Publicise platform by integrating live feed and publishing news articles on media channels


The International Emergency Management Society


Global Rescue Foundation

Sarthak Handa

Dr. Ashwin Naik

R. N. Singh

Dr. Kailash Gupta

Tarun Garg

Ankit Abhishek
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