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Making world safer. Together.

Because so much of the mankind's finest hour gets defined by how we stand together during our weakest moments..

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Challenges during Disaster:

In every crisis, it's the extreme chaos in the humanitarian donations supply chain that - severely bottlenecks the true achievable relief impact.

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donation supply chain is a blackbox..

How about crowdsourcing relief donations at national level

.. bringing together and leveraging - the supplychain expertise of e-commerce companies, the social capital of NGOs and the grassroot reach of the government during sudden onset of catastrophic disasters.

A single dashboard to track the entire donation campaign

Tracking and Streamlining the entire unorganised donation process from Disaster Control Room

.. so that every contribution makes a difference by reaching the right location at right time in right quantites.

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Let's come together and make world a safer place. Today.

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