Operation Resilience currently supports the victims of Kerala Floods

Help the group of top response agencies on-ground in relief effort

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60 Million indian are affected by disasters every year!

Operation Resilience is India’s first Collaborative Disaster response platform that Crowdsources aid for India’s best Response agencies on ground.

The toughest challenge India faces today needs us to come together to make India stronger.

You are in good company

100s of volunteers and 15+ organisations have already joined hands to make this happen


Recognised as Top 10 innovative startup by Ministry of Home Affairs at NPDRR’17

How can you participate

as a volunteer or organisation

Relief Portal

1Publicised by volunteers and organisations

2to 10 Millions +
Indians Online

3for Sending
Critical Goods

4to Top
Response Agencies

Join us on the mission. Someone somewhere would be really grateful that you did.


Benefits of Subscribing:

  • Subscribe to actively publicise the Relief Portal in your network during a disaster through emails, facebook or twitter.
  • We will inform people and enable them to “purchase & donate goods online” that gets directly delivered to a top response agency of their choice.*

* Donors & response agencies are charged zero fee and given verified receipts.

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